Roycroft Computers

A life long passion for computers and electronics have given me excellent skills working with a variety of operating systems and devices.  A degree in psychology has helped me become a very patient and effective teacher.  I’ve been helping friends and family in the Nanoose area with their computers for years and have decided to offer my services on a professional level.

My professional experience includes setting up and running all the computers and home theater equipment for electronics retailer Soundsaround in Calgary, AB.

Prices will start at $30 an hour to help launch my new business and there are no travel charges for clients in the Nanoose Bay area.

I am able to provide on site support to clients between from Nanaimo to Qualicum Beach.

“Patrick quietly works away, and has ALWAYS found a solution to any challenges we place in his hands! He is our only go-to person for everything from technical issues to “how do we do this Patrick???” – Sasha McKay, Nanoose Bay

Computer Services

  • Fast, Reliable office PC built with new Ryzen processor

    On site help with computer problems, major and minor

  • Teaching computer / Smart phone / Tablet basics
  • Remote assistance is available for minor computer issues
  • Set up of new computer systems
  • Installation of new computer programs
  • Comfortable with Windows or Mac based machines
  • Cleaning malware / viruses and speeding up old machines

Custom Computers

  • Computers built from parts customized to your budget and needs
  • Custom computers can be easily upgraded and refreshed to last a very long time
  • Set ups can be tweaked to match your unique needs, whether that’s SSD scratch disks for Photoshop or big liquid cooled GPUs for games.
  • Custom machines contain none of the bloatware that is installed in pre-built PCs

Home Theater Set up and Optimization

  • Set up and installations of new systems
  • Optimization of current systems to ensure the best possible performance
  • Experience with everything from sound bars and home theaters in a box to audiophile level equipment
Custom built Full Range Single Driver speakers


Examples of Custom Computer Builds:

Photoshop Machine for Craig Carmichael of Island Exposures in  Parksville in June 2016.  Goal was a dedicated computer to run large files in Photoshop with a budget of $1000.  Small GPU was used to boost Photoshop performance.

“My new computer is at least 5 times faster, probably closer to 10 times!  The time it saves me each day adds up quick, I would think about 5 to 7 hours a week.” -Craig Carmichael

  • i5-6600 Processor
  • 120 GB SSD for Windows and Photoshop install
  • 120 GB M.2 SSD for use as a dedicated scratch disk
  • 2 TB HHD for photo storage
  • 1 TB HHD pulled from old machine for storage
  • 16 GB DDR2 RAM at 2133MHz
  • 600 W Power Supply
  • GeForce GT 730 2GB GPU

Basic Office Machine for John Day of the FOAMguy in Nanaimo in September 2017.  Goal was a fast, reliable office machine that could be counted on to run for 8+ years.  Budget of $800.

  • Ryzen 3 1200 Processor
  • 120 GB SSD for Windows install
  • 1 TB HDD for storage
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 8 GB DD4 RAM at 2133 MHz
  • GeForce GT 710 2GB GPU