Graphic Design

Creative and Artistic

I've always had a passion for Art and graphic design grants me the chance to share my creativity with the world!  From unique logos and branding to advertisements and page layout, I've got experience with it all.

I began my career in graphic design as the Marketing Director for Soundsaround Electronics in Calgary, Alberta.  There I handled all their print and in store advertisements, including full page ads in both of Calgary's largest papers twice a week.  Most recently I have completed a one year contract helping local news agency Black Press launch their VI Free Daily Newspaper.

I try to use vector based art as much as I can for branding.  Vectors maintain their quality no matter how big or how small they need to be printed and are ideal for logos and marketing material.  Please view a few examples of graphic design I have worked on below.

Dignitas International

Dignitas International is a medical and research organization dedicated to improving health care for people facing a high burden of disease and unequal access to services.  A regular client for many years, I do everything from posters and postcards to email blasts and power point presentations for Dignitas.

Black Press Media

Black Press is home to some of the oldest, most established newspapers in B.C. and Alberta.

I helped them with the launch a new paper, the Vancouver Island Free Daily, while testing out a new online system for their various papers to use.  Duties included layouts, placing ads, and processing editions using InDesign to work with their online delivery system.


Soundsaround was one of the biggest independent resellers of electronics in all of Canada when I worked as their Marketing Director.  I was in charge of running their website and online store, as well as creating their print advertisements and all in store marketing material. 

I also helped set up and maintain the networks in all their store locations and helped with training staff.

Freelance Graphic Design

I'm also willing to take on freelance graphic design projects ranging from quick and simple logos to more complex projects.  Below are a random selection of some of my favorite past projects.

Under Construction

As of Oct 23, 2017, still have a lots of examples to add over the next day!