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Christmas is a happy time – for most of us. But, for a few people in Nanoose Bay, it is a time of sadness.

What We Do

High expectations, money woes and loneliness can be intensified during the holiday season.

The NCS Elf Program helps to brighten the season for families and seniors by providing special gifts from their neighbours.

For more information on how you can brighten Christmas for both children and adults by buying one special present – read Be an Elf.

To learn about the joy of sponsoring a family read Playing Santa. To understand the process of sponsoring a family or a senior click here.

Elf Program Results

From The Heart

“My oldest son said: Santa must love me a lot to send me such a warm coat!”

“Thank you for all the beautiful clothes for our baby girl who was born at the end of 2014”

“Thank you so, so, so much for such nice Christmas gifts!  Everything was perfect.  Our little girl really loves her Dora teddy.  She has not let it go since Christmas.  This was her first Christmas, and it was really special.”

“Thank you, thank you for the smile of our son when he was unwrapping his presents!”

“What a lovely surprise to see such generous gifts for my family.  I had it hidden away until Christmas morning, the children woke to see a beautiful display of gifts waiting for them to open”

Elf Donations

In 2017, donations of pyjamas, hoodies, socks, toys, and gifts cards were received via Christmas trees at multiple locations throughout the community.  In addition to these in-kind donations, a total of $32,707 in cash was donated to the Elf Program 2017.

Family / Senior Sponsors

Adults & children alike were thrilled to receive special gifts from anonymous elves.  These 31 individual and group sponsors are people who care so much about their neighbours that they embodied the spirit of the season by purchasing and wrapping presents for their sponsor family or senior.  A total of 57 adults and 58 children received special gifts from their sponsors.

Give online to the Elf Program